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  • Jul 31
  • #892001

The rude and unacceptable service in the the dressing room at TjMaxx is a huge problem. TJ Maxx associates need to be more polite to customers.

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Little Latino girl by the name of Anna G at your location(probably one of Obama's illegals) Was very rude. I simply ran in there to get a drink. Not too long a line but a huge Latino family in front of me with bratty kids (of course). Anna G was at the last register practically in front of me. She saw me, but she went and did other things instead and took her time. When she called me over she wasn't nice and said a few words to me. I had thought... Read more

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I forgot my purse and this king wonderful woman found it and kept by her side. She took the effort to research and find my telephone number and contacted to tell she had my purse. This woman went above and beyond and sent my purse to me within seconds. I think her so much for being who she is and being a great person. Thank you Ms.Brenda and many blessings to you and your family. And the Tj Maxx in Portsmouth, Va needs to give some... Read more

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I went to check out at TJ Max and when the cashier rang up my sale it was way higher than I expected. When I questioned the amount it was determined a comforter I purchased had two price tags and I had not noticed the higher one. A employee from the bedding department told the cashier to honor the lower price and walked away. Then I was told by another employee that a customer had apparently changed the price tag and the store would not honor... Read more

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I love TJ Maxx clothes and I have for some time. Recently I went to shop there and the cashier woman said "would you like to sign up for our rewards program?" (in my mind I'm thinking its similar to reward programs like starbucks and ultra; things like that). I am only 19 years old, didn't know i would be signing up for a freaking credit card. Not only did she fugaze me. When I went to give her my cash WHICH I HAD OUT THE WHOLE TIME; she said... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 28
  • #873532

Very very poor customer service! No effort whatsoever! Shout out to Debbie! Extra effort please!

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Im in the store number 346 in Voorhees Nj and was just disrespected by a ride emplyee in the jewelry depart as well. She gave me a dirty look when i tried to get her attention and then left me standing at the counter for so long i walked away and went and spoke to the manager. I am so angry i had to put all my stuff back and leave the store. The associates name is Tanisha. Nappy head ***. Yes i said tjat i have been a card holder for many years... Read more

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The online business for T.J.Maxx is a total joke. I ordered shoes that they described as being white. They are NOT white at all. I cannot get to a store to return them in the 30 day return window, so I asked their customer service to pay for me to be able to return them. They refused and said that my only option is for ME to pay for shipping back to them. This is unbelievable. THEY DESCRIBED THE PRODUCT INCORRECTLY. This is THEIR fault and THEY... Read more

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I'd like to write about a nasty , rude and uneducated employee at the Secaucus,NJ store that works at the jewelry department. I wonder how this store can have such an hostile employee that doesn't know what customer service is.My wife and me went to check some watches, this element didn't even greet as should be a routine and caustically ask: what do you want? I never thought i can have a welcome statement like this. I have been in many stores... Read more

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I walked away in tears, from TJMaxx in KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN ON JUNE 1, 2016! I had to return an item that was only 4 days old that fell apart on me and I have the receipt plus the original bag that it came in and they stood up there and told me that I was lying to them that what I was bringing back was not what was on the sales receipt. I tried to explain to the women that that was the only purse and shirt I bought at T.J.Maxx in Kalamazoo on... Read more

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