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I love TJ Maxx clothes and I have for some time. Recently I went to shop there and the cashier woman said "would you like to sign up for our rewards program?" (in my mind I'm thinking its similar to reward programs like starbucks and ultra; things like that).

I am only 19 years old, didn't know i would be signing up for a freaking credit card. Not only did she fugaze me. When I went to give her my cash WHICH I HAD OUT THE WHOLE TIME; she said "no you pay off the card" I was like no I didn't want a card please cancel it. She was not helpful at all.

I know part of this is my fault; but I haven't even gotten a card yet, and I haven't been able to pay it off yet either.

All she gave me was a piece of paper with a "temporary account" number that doesn't even work. Beware of the so called "rewards" program, young shoppers.

Reason of review: "rewards" program.

Monetary Loss: $117.

Preferred solution: cancelation of my "rewards" card which i have yet to receive .

Tj Maxx Pros: Prices are good, Product selection.

Tj Maxx Cons: Dishonesty and deceit.

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One of the worst things as a cashier is trying to ask and get tjx store reward credit cards. I really hate that I have do that because I know no one wants to be in debt and the interest rate is HIGH.


that was entirely your fault. i know for a fact you have to give your social and annual income, so those should've raised huge flags

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