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This particular store always has problems: one...went to return a piece of artwork that was also a nightlight for the wall...someone not me damaged the light clicker ..it was pushed out of the wood and loose ..the light would just die out ..very depressing..so I glued it back in and still would not really stay on without allot of maneuvers.

Had no receipt and went to return it to a tall willowy 18 year old so she scans it with her gizmo not the register and lies and tells me it's out of the system..so I called her a liar and she started calling at high voice for Christen and said are you calling me a liar I said yes I am and I high tailed it and told her she was disgust ing (because I just bought it a couple days ago).

Went back downstairs returned it..added some money and bought something else.

Then the other day a dispute arose over some shoes and the price...the cashier says they are not 16 dollars they are regular price using his gizmo not the register which was 20 dollars so the manager..also says they are not on sale...and my pair of shoes in my size could not be sold to me they had no mark down tag even though others not in my size were marked down and in the same color, black and later we find in three more colors and all sizes, as in blue, peach, black and plum and then the manager ..after dumping them into her arms while we collected them still would not sell them to me so I said really how about the State Attorney General for fraud so I got my way......

At one time I went to return a dress I had held onto for about eight months...again at this store I was told it was out of the system even with a receipt and the dress had tag attached and was by Abercrombie and Fitch retail 17 dollars which I was not going to be chewed out of so I asked for the manager and he wasn't going to budge insinuating something *** like I got it cheaper but was bringing it back for a higher price so I said if you don't return this dress for what I paid and it is my 17 dollars I am writing a nice letter about you to the CEO of the company and then you will be looking for another job...along with the cashier so he wanted my id then claimed he was just trying to help me out so I showed my id and got my money back so I said to the cashier it pays to be a ***.

At this same store I went to return exchange a cutting board that I had the receipt for -but also just bought it the other day -however some kind of food was stuck to it resembling either fruit or blood and since it was a cutting board I wanted to get a fresh one and so I was told that normally they don't want another stores damaged goods but just this time -would this be allowed -but normally I would have to take it back where I originally got it -because they were told by higher ups that their store was a really high end store and they did not want these types of damages at this store that the El Segundo store was not an important store so they had allot more damages and not to return damaged goods that belong to other stores which was phony baloney because their stuff at this store is so damaged with missing pieces and everything -including collages of marked down merchandise it's sick.

So when I double checked with another employee she upheld the other misguided 20 year old as well. They also indicated it was on the receipt which it wasn't and then alluded it was online as well as store policy also B. S.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tj Maxx Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Tj Maxx Cons: Store management and cashiers.

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I really think that this customer is a pain in the butt. Purchasing and then intentionally bringing back merchandise just so she can get something newer and even holding on to merchandise for just about a year. The employees does not check and scan a return item at the register, we do it on a digital scanner handheld machine.


You are an *** and the type of customer who needs to be hit by a car in the parking lot. Pretentious, self-entitled, ignorant p r i c k.

"Anonymous" post from April 03 explaining our policy was spot on.

Also, please learn to spell - it's "bologna," not "baloney."


People need to get off my case! When all of the incidents happened, I had just gotten out of jail and had not been taking my meds, so I wasn't really myself. I am better now and no longer go in TJMaxx, especially since I was banned for being a knucklehead.


As a former employee, it sounds to me like all of these problems are your fault, not the store's and CERTAINLY not the employees'.

The policy for returns without receipts is that the item(s) must have the tags on, and must be looked up in the computer system (yes, using a different device than the register...not sure what your hangup is about that). Used items (including items you messed with after you bought them e.g.

by gluing, or damaged items) can't be returned at all, although I've seen managers make exceptions. (They can't resell the item and they have no way of knowing if it was damaged before or after you purchased it.) Do you really think a cashier has any control over this? They're just doing their jobs so they don't get fired. It's disgusting that you would call them names.

Next time make sure items are in the shape you want before you leave the store.

Secondly, two of the same item might have different prices if they come in at different times, because markdown cycles vary based on when an item comes in the store. Again, while managers might be able to use their discretion to mark something down, they don't make the policies.

Moreover, the state attorney general isn't going to waste their time over $4.

Lastly, it's unrealistic to expect any store to accept a return that you bought eight months ago. Even with the receipt, it's no longer going to be in the system (making it impossible to look up the item if another customer bought it afterward and returned it without a receipt), and it will be hard to sell if it's out of season.


you sound like an *** omg who raised you?! why would you call an 18 a liar and disgusting for just doing their job?

I hope you know all your letter writing BS doesn't do anything to us employees.. we laugh about people like you with our managers who complain to corporate.


You represent the snots I am talking about

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