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The Park City TJ Maxx allows non service dogs in the store. They jump on you, sniff you, and it seems like you are shopping in a barn.

I complained to the manager and they did nothing. It would be okay if these were well trained service dogs. Service dogs have manners and are not interested in other people, only their owners. The entitlement of these customers who bring their dogs in is beyond belief.

What if other customers are allergic to dogs? What if they are afraid of dogs? God forbid, what if someone gets bitten?

Then who is liable. TJ Maxx, get your act together.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tj Maxx Manager.

Reason of review: Dogs in store.

Preferred solution: Do not allow non service animals in store.

Tj Maxx Cons: Dogs.

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The return policy clearly states that worn items will not be accepted for a refund. Furthermore, TJ Maxx just sells the items, not make them, so a defective product needs to be addressed with the manufacturer (i.e. Kenneth Cole, etc.)


Wrong thread I replied to there, haha. My apologies.

But I do agree about allowing non-service dogs in the store - it's not only inconsiderate of other shoppers, but also has the potential to be unsafe.

Not everyone likes dogs, and some people, as you pointed out, are even allergic. TJ Maxx needs to stop being so worried about kissing the *** of the non-service-animal-having customer base to try to increase sales because they don't realize they they're off-putting the considerably larger customer base that is opposed to it, thereby potentially reducing sales much further.

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