i don't really like the way some associates dress,specially cashiers they wear leggings with short shirts( i think that's is too provocative) last Sunday i saw a cashier with mini dress is that the dress code??boys show their underwear because their pants are falling, i think this is not professional.also texting in customer service,,eating, talking too loud about personal stuff and laughing specially in fitting rooms all the time girls have "meetings" there bad,bad,bad..some off them i heard they talking bad about others customers I'm very pissed....i would like to talk to district manager.thank you

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Listen lady, I get it, you want a professional environment. But seriously?

If you want that much customer assistance and professional environments, go to a high end store, not T.J Maxx.

If you worked there, you'd know that sometimes occasionally talking to coworkers is the only thing that gets you through a shift, and that leggings with shorts isn't provocative, it's comfortable. How about you work at the store for a few months and then reevaluate your experience at a department store like T.J Maxx.


I work for a Tjx company and we have a dress code stating no jeans (leaving skirts, leggings and dresses, as a girls only option) We having different management for each store. I can assure you the store I work at does not allow underwear or bras showing and provocative wear.

That may have just been that store. Most of the employees our teenagers and though that is not an excuse I would hope (if you have teenage children) you could understand that it might be harder to supervise.

Managers have many important issues to attend to and they are not always able to supervise the floor all the time. I am sorry you had a bad experience.


As a TJ Maxx employee I can tell you where ever you went had employees that didn't care. Where I work it is imediate termination if you have your phone with you on the sales floor.

Also if we talk abiut our personal lives its either in the break room or when its really slow.

Just because there was a bad expierience at one store, does NOT mean that all TJ Maxx stores are the same. Different people, different attitude.


You should stop complaining about TJ Maxx and work on educating yourself.


sounds like you are ***


Have you ever even WORKED in retail? Do you realize how much more concerned we have to be about kissing your butt than how we dress? Which is evidently rounded up in kissing your butt so never mind :)


Wow, if you are going to complain online please know how to use correct grammar.... I am not even sure where to begin on how to correct you there are so many things wrong with this post. Maybe enlist in school instead of wasting time to go online and attempt to write a complaint, or better yet talk to a manager at the store where you were so offended and point out what you felt it was inappropriate so it can be addressed.

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1058757

And they were pissed about the ignorant staff there... well welcome to the World Wide Web where people enjoy ignorant comments and critique your posts as if they're your University English Professor lol O wait nevermind even the Prof wouldn't care this much lol Get over it. They're giving a review not writing an essay lol

Dekalb, Illinois, United States #972345

You think specially is a word? And you came on here to talk to the District Manager?

to DumbPeople Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1058760

Get over it. You want to read a review or you wanna pick apart the post...

Grammer, spelling, punctuation. Oh and the dictionary? Lol who cares... So here's mine...

what did I do wrong here? Mmm I can already spot some English writing mistakes...

can you? Lol uh oh...

Wichita, Kansas, United States #954193

Jesus, you are probably the type of person who those employees complain about. How dare people laugh and dress how they like.

Did they forget they are worker drones and not human beings? How dare you, judging people for being social at work. How dare you for judging people based on how they dress.

And overall how dare you for being so completely ridiculous. I am glad when your generation dies off.

Miami, Florida, United States #937513

Do you go there to see what employees do or shop dumb ***!?

No life havin ***


It is none of your business how associates dress. Do you expect to see the guys wearing a suit and tie and the girls in ball gowns? Most of the associates at TJ Maxx are young adults and teenage kids.


Why do you care so much about what they wear ??are they bothering you or hurting you? I've seen plenty of those kinds of people but as long as I find what I want I'm being respected by the employees I don't give a rats tail about their lifestyle or what they wear.


You can't be *** serious... If they wanna dress that way, why is it your business ? If you want to see business attire, I'd suggest another store where majority of employees aren't young adults.


You're ***, seriously. Get your merchandise and get out, as long as there not naked who cares? When they put the *** poles in then i'll mind ok, get a life.

Keizer, Oregon, United States #717602

Dumb *** what's wrong with a short skirt if you have leggings that cover your legs!! What an ***!!

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #688828

At $7 an hour, for the love of god these poor kids can dress however they like. A mandated business attire policy should come with like a 5 dollar raise.

But this is a cheap company and that will NEVER happen. Not to mention these young employees often work long hours doing hard labor...I don't understand how wearing a suit and tie or a ball gown would help anybody.

If you work at a crummy retail store then you should be allowed to dress just as crummy. Get a life!!

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #610157

I work at HomeGoods. The dress code there is very, very lenient - we can basically wear whatever we like as long as it is not jeans (though on some occasions, management will let it slide).

To be honest, most of the people that work at the TJX Companies are kids. Let them dress however they'd like. If you're looking for "professional", I wouldn't go to a retail store that has about 75% of their employees under the age of eighteen.

PS. Spell check is your friend.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #606273

You dress and act the way you want to, why can't the employees. They are dressing in the current style, which for many years has left a lot to be desired.

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