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I returned a piece of high end jewelry, with receipt, within 30 days, to the same store from which I purchased it. The manager took my receipt and merchandise up to the front desk while I waited at the jewelry counter.

Her reason was...."So I can enter this item back in to the system so I can process your return." After maybe 10 minutes she returns to the jewelry counter and processes my return. This was not done at any other time when I returned jewelry. Nor was it ever done by this associate who has waited on me before. I don't understand....was I being photographed?

Was the item being checked for authenticity? I make frequent purchases at this store and now I feel degraded.

I may not shop there again depending on how you ladies respond. Thanks

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It's normal to check an item over 100$ it is company policy.


You weren't being photographed though. She was taking her time examining what you were returning. Checking the tags & stuff like that.


It's not the norm. She lied to you.

She was checking to see if you were returning the item that you purchased. She thought you might be pulling a fast one on the store. If you are a regular customer, you should be insulted because it was her choice to do that.

It's not something the company requires you to do. You do it only if something looks suspicious.

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