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I bought a silver ring back on August, newer wore it and decided to take it back( too much jewelry:)Today( Oct 24,2017) I stopped at the local Tjmaxxring on Edmonds, WA. Tags,receipt, everything.

The lady was very pleasant and told me I can’t get a store credit or exchange the ring because they have special return policy for jewelry and it is 30 days only,no exchange, no store credit. I was very surprised because I recently returned a gift which was 3 month old.i ask if this is a new policy and she said no.

What is going on? I researched and couldn’t find any special policy for jewelry

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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TJ Maxx has the jewelry return policy posted in jewelry in the one I shop at. Sometimes the cashiers or the person in jewelry lets me know their return policy that it’s been ingrained in my head.

It’s not printed on their receipt, but it’s up to us the customers to read the policy posted on the jewelry counter. I know, reading sucks, but you wouldn’t sign a contract without reading would you? Even the people working there say the policy is dumb, but the reason makes sense; worn, tarnished, or even fraudulent jewelry that was returned, or worker that is just there and not know a thing about jewelry pretty much makes sense, at least to me. And yeah, it’s been the policy for years, nothing new to me since I read their return policy for that department when I wait my turn to be tended to.

I was there when someone tried to return an mk watch for almost $300, but the jewelry person did not take it since the customer had no receipt, and from my curious prying the worker told me the price on ticket does not match the watch that even their machine to look it up declined it; understandable. You wouldn’t want someone swindling you, would you? There is a loophole to the policy (actually quite a few if you can spot it—cough, cough, items being marked down) you know if you need those extra days to figure out if you want the jewelry or not. I’m gonna let you figure that one out since it took me a bit to figure it out.

I buy their jewelry constantly, and sometimes I regret a purchase and have to mull over whether I’m ever gonna wear it. And don’t get me started on returned swimwear. I’ll leave that for another time. I get it, I’d be pissed too if I didn’t know their jewelry policy, but as I said, read before you buy.

I’m lucky enough that the people in jewelry ACTUALLY know their merch from how it’s made to how to take care of it, and sometimes, with good attitude, someone bends the rule a little out of customer service and for being mature to the situation, and we can both leave more or less happy.

Being nice can do wonders especially when you have no receipt and have a manager that understands your situation. Hope this helps.


Have the same issue.It seems they have no regulations on this matter.I asked to speak to store manager,after waiting for 30 min just left the store


I have had that same experience today. Had unused earring I didn’t get time to return within 30days, thought it would be okay to return later and get the store credit.

Was told jewelry had a 30day exchange only.

No credit after that. It’s not printed anywhere on the online returns instructions either.


I’ve purchased with them online. When you get your invoice in your package, their return policy for online returns is 45 days, it says so on the back of the invoice.

Also FYI: if you pay with PayPal you get store credit, not to the card linked to your PP account since they’re not sure where to return the money to, as far as I’m told. It’s better to just return it back through the mail and wait for the refund rather than getting the credit.

Next time, if you order jewelry online from TJ Maxx, the back of your invoice says you have 45 days to return, not 30; therefore, you should’ve gotten you money if you still had those additional 15 days. Hope this helps.

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