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Bought two $99.00 blouses on line from TJ MAXX. They arrived in plastic bags the size of a letter size envelopes. Needless to say they were a tad wrinkled beyond belief. I sent a total of twelve emails to them expressing my displeasure. Every time I EVEN got a response, it was, PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR CONCERN. How many ways can you say "arrived in unacceptable condition?" The last email I received said, " unable to find an order for you!!!" I guarantee you they billed me, for that order they suddenly could not find.

After sending them their own confirmation email to me of the order I had made, I finally got a response. "They told me to return the blouses." Gee, I would never have figured that out on my own. They never offered to send me two new blouses in good condition. They never offered to adjust my bill. They never offered to do ANYTHING. Needless to say because of the lack of customer service from the CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT, I told them they had lost a customer. Their response - - -

Well I am still waiting for that response (that I will never get.) They have Nordstrom prices for Goodwill quality items.

"Return the blouses!"

I wonder how much the staff member who came up with this ingenious idea gets paid.

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