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I walked into TJMAXX in Rocky Mount, NC this afternoon, and there were children screaming to high heaven! Being a parent and grandparent, I dismissed it as a tired child, or a child wanting something they could not get.

When an elderly lady was coming my way being followed my an irate lady with a double stroller that had a set of twin boys. That is where the screaming was coming from. The woman pushing the stroller was screaming at the elderly woman saying that she harassing her children, when all the lady was saying is that she had come into the store for a peaceful afternoon of shopping, and did not feel that she nor any of the other customers should be subjected to the womans unruly children. The mother was screaming at the lady, and I walked over and politely told the elderly woman to keep walking and do not argue with the woman.

A few moments later, the woman decided she wanted to talk to the store manager and to call the police, because we were harassing her and her children!!! I approached the woman asking the woman what was wrong with her, and perhaps she should just leave. The other customers were upset, and agitated as well with her children. She refused, and insisted on calling the police on the elderly, and myself.The store manager just stood there!!

All she said was she would have to ask both of us to leave the store!! WHAT???? All the employees on duty, and a few customers came over to me and stated that I should not say a word, and just let the woman rant and rave. They saw everything.

Did the manager even ask the employees or even bother to speak with me to find out what happened? Emphatically NO! I told them that they could call the police, but i was not going anywhere, I was going to continue to shop. A few customers came to me and were very upset by the way the situation was handled by the manager.

After a few minutes I looked around to find the woman and the manager, but neither could be found, and the store was quiet. I did go over to the few employees who stepped up on my behalf and thanked them. The manager, DIANE GRIFFIN DID NOTHING!!! SHE JUST FADED AWAY!!

I can show you my bank statements, and a nice chunk of money is spent at TJMAXX a month and I am more hurt than anything, that she would take such a non chalant attitude...DIANE GRIFFIN, YOU NEED TO TAKE A FEW MORE HUMAN RELATION COURSES. TJ MAXX, YOU SHOULD PERHAPS SCREEN YOUR MANAGERS A LITTLE MORE CLOSELY...

Product or Service Mentioned: Tj Maxx Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: HUMAN RELATION COURSES.

Tj Maxx Pros: Prices are good.

Tj Maxx Cons: Untrained staff.

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Wow. Lol nothing surprises me about this dump of a town called Rocky Mount.

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