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I bought 2 items at tj maxx NYC. One this week on 20th and one 1 or 3 weeks ago at the same store.

The first one at 12$ and the 2nd one was 29.99$.

I tried to explain at the cashier my problem but it didn't work out..

Could you explain me the reason of this price increase??

could you also explain me why the original prices aren't the same?? 20$for the 1st one and 40$fir the 2nd??

I am an air hostess and my next trip to the us is Atlanta buckhead. Could you arrange something??

Do you need my tickets??

Karine lerat


Product or Service Mentioned: Tj Maxx Customer Care.

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The reason for the price difference is the two different style numbers, which is the 6 digit, third set of the numbers above the price $. These two items came at separate times from two different vendors.

The company may have paid more for the one you saw was more expensive. The one that is marked down has been there for quite some time and went through their markdown cycle and was purchased for a cheaper price from a different vendor.


Some one to explain me the price difference between to similar items?? Both were purchased at tj maxx NYC one this week and one 2 weeks ago.

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