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The mat had a warning on the inside label - known to call cancer from the state of CA as well as reproductive health. Returned to the store.

This product should not be sold. Had a bad odor upon opening. Store manager was not interested in being proactive and acted annoyed that I bothered him. I wanted to pass this warning on to other people.

Although the mat was only $8.00, no amount of money is worth the health risk. That is all I had to say - I don't know if that is 100 words or not - I should not have to use more words than is necessary just to be heard.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Stop selling a defective yoga mat that causes cancer and is bad for reproductive health..

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You know that label is on practically everything. Yoga mat probably smelled because of the material it was made from. Do you live in a box?

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