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I have loved shopping at TJMaxx and Marshalls at lease once a week at both stores. That is now ruined with your political announcement regarding removing Ivanka Trump's line.

You have made a foolish decision for your company. I'm certain you wouldn't want me shopping at your store as a Trump supporter. I will be calling to cancel my credit card and won't be shopping at either store again.Your decision is unprofessional and disturbing.

This disrespect of our President and his family is over the line. Ivanka does not deserve to be boycotted because you don't agree with her father, but you do deserve to be boycotted.

Reason of review: Your political comments.

Preferred solution: Stop making politics the direction your company takes..

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Just because Trump is the president doesn't mean that he is entitled to everyone respecting him. I know that I sure as *** don't respect a man who bans muslims and "grabs women by the p**sy." And for the record, T.J Maxx is a billion dollar company-- I really don't think the lack of your business or Ivanka Trump's line will make a difference. Good riddance!


Out of curiosity, do you realize that Ivanka Trump could literally not care less about you? She would literally look the other way or have her security move you out of the way.

That's not anti-Trump.

That's pro-common sense. I don't understand people that worship celebrities that could not care less about them in return.


Couldn't agree with you more!

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