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Tj, ross and rue are my go-to's for apparal for the simple fact they keep me looking fashionable and in style w/o killing my bank account.. i was thrilled when I found out tjm would be coming to Muskogee.

A year later i still love the product, but when i go inside i expect self service. I don't ask for help anymore because I never get it. Most of their staff havt ever worked let alone worked in retail. They don't know what houndstooth is.

or DIFFERENCE between opposed to flat front. Last wed was final straw for me. I needed to find a dress for my sons graduation and being limited on time i asked for help.

You'd think i had asked her for her 1st born! Im going to rue

Product or Service Mentioned: Tj Maxx Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe you should of went shopping when you had more time. Not everyone else is in a rush, and really shouldn't have to feel rushed because you didn't give yourself enough time to shop. Also the associates are not your personal shoppers.


You are a self-entitled, pretentious waste of space. You are in a discount department store but expect highly knowledgeable and top quality customer service from minimum wage employees? Get the {{Redacted}} out of here, snowflake.


The reason for that is these cheap stores are cheap because they do not invest in trained sales people. If you want that type of personal service you have to pay for it.

The days of mom and pop stores with good personal service are long gone because most people want rock bottom prices.

You can't have it both ways.

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