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I shopped at TJ Maxx today and I saw some great jeans on a rack. I thought they would make an awesome present for my girlfriend who really likes this particular brand.

The sign on the rack said $79.99. However, when I went to the checkout, they came up at $99.99.

I told the cashier that the price was wrong. We could both clearly see the sign and the nice cashier agreed with me.

Then the manager decided to step in and veto the 79.99 (correct) price. She said that some of the jeans on the rack were 99.99. I showed her the signage. It says 79.99, not 79.99 and up. She agreed with the verbage of the sign, but still would not give me the 20.00 difference in price. I think that's called bait and switch, right? Lure you in with one price and then make it more expensive. Good thing I've been trapped in retail for the past 6+ years. I have some connections with TJ Maxx. Just wish I didn't have to go through all of this because the manager had a chip on her shoulder despite her store's incorrect signage. Time to battle!

Review about: Tj Maxx Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $20.


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Why not have your girlfriends parents buy clothing for her, at age seven you are too young to have a girlfriend let alone buy expensive clothing for each other.


:eek for them in the section I purchased from - 43% better than when I arrived.


"we will ALWAYS honor the markdown" NOT SO. I was just there and the lady behind the counter tore off the sticker and said it was the next price up - making it a 100% markup :( :sigh :eek

to AT: Anon on May 15, 2011 Syracuse, New York, United States #657709

If the incorrect sticker is placed over a ticket, cashiers are not allowed to choose the lower price. Customers actually do switch tickets to try to get a lower price.

to AT: Anon on May 15, 2011 #694432

If the numbers dont match on the red mark down label AND the original ticket, we can't honor it because, first of all, the ticket was clearly switched, and second of all, if the price went back to the original price, then that means its a newer item.Look, we're not ***, ive seen some of the things customers try to do to get a few bucks.

And one of the easiest ways is looking at the ticket that was apparently "marked down" and noticing a terrible job the customer did when they tried scratching off a lower price markdown and putting it on something else.Do you ever wonder why its so hard to get those things off?


do all TJ Maxx associates carry such a BIG CHIP ON THEIR SHOULDERS :sigh


The jeans were probably in the wrong place.they do not have to honor that price if it is in fact in the wrong place.

That's also why everything has a *** price tag.

If you go to Walmart and find a flat screen for $1000 over with the $700 TV's I wouldn't expect them to honor that price.Although, who would move a TV for a Grand they weren't buying lol.


You are the type of customer that makes my day miserable.TjMaxx is more than fair in its pricing.

Most of the customers who complain are the ones who run around the store, throwing things everywhere and making royal messes that I have to clean up. We close at 9.30. I dont go home until at least 10.30 or 11 because I'm cleaning up customer messes. So a pair of pants got placed on the wrong rack...I'm sorry.

Do you want me to monitor all the racks so you don't have to be so TERRIBLY INCONVENIENCED? Okay, fine. I'll do that...Now all my cashiers are watching the racks to make sure there arent any mistakes...Now you are just going to complain that their aren't enough people on the register to process your order.

Bait and switch?please.

to Tjx Employee Fort Worth, Texas, United States #700477

I couldn't have said it better.Some people just live to complain, moan and groan.

This person needs a life, seriously!!These are also the type of people who think the toy department is their babysitter or the fitting rooms are the bathrooms!


OH LORD!Don't say where does my paycheck comes from!

Annoying, cheap, *** customers like you can take your money else where, but will you? No. Your cheap, you won't pay full price. B****ING about paying 99 for jeans, full price they are probably 200, I know you won't pay that.

So get your head out of your a$$.

If you can't afford to shop, don't.Simple, right?

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