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Store policies among TJMaxx stores vary. Whereas most TJMaxx stores close their dressing rooms 15 minutes before The TJMaxx in Niles, IL on Dempster has started to close its dressing rooms at 9 pm (one half-hour before the store closes).

This is a real turn-off to customers who can't get into the store until 9 pm or after.

It's bad enough that this store is one of the TJMaxxs that let their dressing room merchandise hang around on rolling racks for hours before putting it back on the floor at the end of the day and is one of those stores that blasts a "we're closing in x minutes" messages 1 hour, 45 minutes and then every 5 minute for 1/2 hour before the store closes, but this 9 pm dressing room closing nonsense is the straw that broke the camel's back and is unacceptable. You'd think with the sinking economy these stores would bend over backwards to attract customers and make them happy.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #700470

the announcements are done as a courtesy to the customer. TJ Maxx is NOT Walmart and does not stay open 24/7, regardless of what you think.

If you can't get to the store until after 9, you should be shopping at Target or Walmart.

Associates want to go home; they do have lives, other than the store. Quit your **tching


Maybe the rest of us should go to the OP's job and complain when it is time to go home and demand she help up.


:? Really? The store closes at a specific time.

T.J. Maxx employees do not go to your job after hours and complain.


Store Associates: the customer is always right. Just like the restuarant worker , the health care worker, the police, the doctor or anyone else who serves the public, you don't leave until the work is done.

GROW UP. Almost anyone who works has to deal with this you're not alone.

If you don't like it take the front door out and look for another job. :cry

to Grow Up Monterey Park, California, United States #657087

The point the associate was making is that our store policy to close the fitting room is such because of the fact that the fitting room associate is assigned a zone in the store to recover, and it can not be done if customers with baskets full of clothes decide to come in at closing and spend an hour trying on clothing while ignoring the fact that we are closed. It has happened, and that is why the policies are in place, due to other spoiled rotten customers.

to Grow Up #694422

Clearly you have never worked in retail. People like you, who think this way about retail associates are the rude customers we have to deal with.

You walk around with your nose up and think that since we work in retail, that were nobody.

Correction: most of the people i work with (including myself) are in college and need income. Get over yourself.


Wow, "bend over backwards"? No, honey.

Tj Maxx customers are the most obnoxious, selfish, lazy and cheap bunch I know.

I've worked the fitting room, most the stuff people try on, they don't buy anyway! So why don't you take your happy @$$ to the mall, maybe they will bend over backwards for ya(: and by the why, tj maxx just gets more money in a recession, so we won't miss ya sweetie XOXO

to worker #694420

I agree, I've worked for tj maxx for over a year and the fitting room is the worst place to be. People will bring in at least 8-10 (if not more) items to try on and end up only picking one, two, or nothing at all.

And when they hand you their bundled pile of inside-out, not on the hanger, and just say "oh nothing worked" and shove the clothes in your face without hesitation. So the time it takes to correctly hang the clothes, chances are two, three, four customers handed you another pile of clothes that you have to fix and its a never ending cycle! And customers dont realize that the dressing room isnt the only thing we have to do before we leave.

Most of the time they will have shoes and lingerie. (Dont get me started on that) so when you leave the fitting room, the customers think they have the green light to trash the place!


I work at TJ Maxx. You would not understand this because you don't work there.

Our day-to-day is very hectic and we have a lot to do. The person that is in the fitting room is assigned to a department at the end of the night. If they don't finish, we are stuck working longer. We don't have a certain time that we get off.

We work until everyone is done. I personally think people who go into a store late are total jerks.


go work in retail and then complain at least these associates have to pick up after dirty customers like u


Yes, the messages can get annoying and I understand that some people can't get to the store until late, but you also have to remember that the associates that work there also have lives that they want to get back to.

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