Columbus, Ohio
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I am a young woman who went to this store to look at the beauty products around 9:05pm aprox. i thought i would glance because i was out in the area shopping with my mom all day.

I thought i had plenty of time to look because i believed they closed at 10pm. My mom drops me off in front of the door and goes to park and decides to opt out of going in because she is tired from shopping all day. Later when i talk to her after coming from out of the store she tells me that two men that worked in the store came out of the store and were watching her in the car. I thought that was weird because when i go to the store one of the same white men she describes watches me in the store he will keep going by the area and i will see him looking at me if i am paying attention.

I think it is *** and i feel uncomfortable. She said that she thinks the men are going to try something. From now on if i go to this location i will go in the daytime so i can be safe and i may not go back to that location anymore.Who knows they can say i did something or accuse me of something wrong falsely and take me in the back or somewhere in an area of the store that i cant be seen in and no telling what else they might try to do to me.

I feel very unsafe shopping at that store what they are doing is too much and unnecessary. I have no problems so far at any other tjmaxx just e.broad st.

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