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I am dealing with a problem concerning shipping of my order. If you order $89 worth of merchandise you get free shipping.

I ordered $153 in merchandise and cannot get my merchandise.. I called customer service and they told me they were still processing the order. My credit card is good so what is the problem. The woman on the other end seemed annoyed.

This is the 7th day and they are still processing my order. When they finish processing how long will it take to arrive. There is no tracking number because it has not been shipped.

Do they need to hire more employees. This will be my last online order.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Mary F

I had placed an order with them .. after several days and still no word that it had shipped, I contacted customer service ..

I was told then that my order had been cancelled by them due to the item no longer being available .. really?? You couldn't notify me of this .. I had to contact you to find out??

I HATE this company for this reason .. their ordering department sucks ...


I am experiencing the exact same thing! It is now 7 months since your initial complaint and the same thing is happening to me.

Obviously they do not care in resolving the problem. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they were all on the phone and they would call me back. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on that!

I sent an email 3 days ago complaining about this situation and obviously they won't reply to that either. My order is $500 and I will be cancelling it as soon as I can figure out how to do so because their website is horrendous!


I have shopped online at TJMaxx forever. My last order online, will be that....MY LAST ORDER.

It is ridiculous how long they take to send your order. You will get a email confirmation that they received your order then you wait....wait....and wait. After waiting you get a email that one of your item is no longer in stock, but when you go back on their website, they are still selling that item. Perhaps if you would have processed my order when you received it, I would have gotten my merchandise.


Don't order something you really need for any special event. You may get it, then again you may not.

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