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I tried on a cute pair of shoes at TJ Maxx that I loved, and that appeared to fit okay. I left the store, walked in them for 20 minutes and had 4 blisters, 2 on each foot in the exact same places.

The shoes were rubbing. I took them back to the Clarksville Indiana store. The manager refused to return them saying the bottoms were too dirty and they would have to throw them away.

I originally spent over $200 in this store, but thanks to this, it will be the last time I shop there. If they can't provide a descent pair of shoes that fit without leaving blisters, they won't be getting any more of my business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tj Maxx Shoes.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You want the store to take back shoes because your feet are too fat to fit in them? Please! Get real!

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