Blue Springs, Missouri
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I went to check out at TJ Max and when the cashier rang up my sale it was way higher than I expected. When I questioned the amount it was determined a comforter I purchased had two price tags and I had not noticed the higher one.

A employee from the bedding department told the cashier to honor the lower price and walked away. Then I was told by another employee that a customer had apparently changed the price tag and the store would not honor the price then proceeded to pull the lower price tag off the item destroying it. At this point I asked to speak to the manager who also indicated the price tag had been tampered with by a customer and TJ Max would not honor the price on the comforter. I asked the cashier to verify the employee from the bedding department had said to honor the price and she said she was not sure.

I was so embarrassed and humiliated standing at the register with three TJ Max employees announcing the price had been tampered with on the item I was trying to purchase and making me feel like a thief. Needless to say I did purchase any of the items I had selected and I will never shop at TJ Max again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: For TJMaxx to train it's employees to treat customers with respect and honor the prices on the merchandise..

Tj Maxx Pros: Product selection.

Tj Maxx Cons: Rude associates, Billing issues.

  • Untrained Staff
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Speaking to a rude empolye who admitted she put the tag on them not a consumer they should have to sell it for the price they addmited there mistake. But the manger was extrely rude and should be fired it was locked in with a arlarm all im saying is tj max owners should learn how to higher normal nice people a old couple had the same problem but she did it for them cause were in are mid and late 30s we were treated differnet so to the owners of assabley row somerville store u should really fix your costumer empolye mangers or just shut your store u all suck


Tj max somerville assebly row priced something wrong and it was there fault they should have to honor price this store is completely wrong and they should have to honor the price the wome manger was completly rude and we were steorpy typed were a married couple my wife is pregent and she was completely out of line tj max should honor there mistakes marshals there sister company owner


Some customers do switch tickets. I had a male customer last year with his young son who came to my register with a trash can $79.99 and tried to get it for $10 clearance.

The big problem was the clearance price was a ticket from a bra (dept. 50) and the trash can is dept.

82. I guess he thought that I wasn't going to catch it but I did.


Speaking as a TJ Maxx employee, we are NOT required to "honor" the price of a switched ticket, even though you are not at fault. Unfortunately, your fellow shoppers are responsible for switching the tickets, and this happens a LOT, so while it's frustrating on your part, your frustration should be directed at your offending fellow shoppers and not the store.

If we "honored" a switched ticket for every unfortunate customer to come across one, we would lose a significant amount of money. And for anyone who wants to say we are committing "false advertisement" for not honoring the price, that is complete *** because WE are not advertising it at that switched ticket price.

Thank you.


Exactly they think just because they're costumers they can demand whatever they want. And they get all upset if we can't do that for them... chill


Me too ,They are awful, I think all should know, I had gift card, and they behaved me like a theft.oh my god,I went Kohl or Ross or any ...TJ maxx is ruddest.

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